Women reunions

In the months of September to December there have been different talks aimed at women who need spiritual help, these women come from different areas.

These talks are led by the Code of Eagle, a member of the intercessor group “The 10 Virgins” and are intended to provide the participants with tools to feel valuable women, help them to develop their own life project and influence them to take a Positive attitude and non-acceptance of a condition of repression.

Women are also empowered through training to earn their own income and thus be able to provide for the maintenance of their homes.



September 21th | Subject: Assuming your responsibility

October 19th      | Subject: Rise and Shine

November 16th | Subject: Woman has arrived your time

December 7th    | Subject:  A new story is written






These activities are carried out with the support of the ministry “The 10 Virgins” and the Bartels missionaries.

Monte and Shirley Bartels