10 virgins ministry

Prayer is a fundamental pillar in the life and work of every Christian ministry.

The 10 Virgins ministry is an intercessory ministry under the ministry of the Roca Fe Grande Foundation.

The ministry is made up of 10 women who gather to pray and fast for the foundation, missionaries and the different programs that are under the coverage of the Roca Fe Grande Foundation.

We are grateful to have this spiritual support that these women impart to the foundation for the hungry in Costa Rica.



Mana Ministry


Leader: Erika Hagen

Its purpose is the distribution of food and donations, according to the socio-economic study carried out, thus supporting the missionaries and their programs in different locations.

Another goal of this ministry is to instruct the recipient of the blessing to become joyful givers and to share what they have received, building up their self-esteem and making them see that their lives are purposeful too and that they are a blessing to others by engaging in the ministry of Serve others.

Coronada de Amor Ministry

Leader: Gabriela Coronado

The Lord added her to the "The 10 Virgins" task force to give counseling and intercede for women who need to be healed and restored emotionally and spiritually; This will be as soon as the women's ministry "Eagle Code" gives its first talks and fruits are obtained.

Mujeres con Codigo de Aguila Ministry

esterlina maryreyes

Leaders: Mary Reyes y Estherlina Vallejos

Work Area: In the community around the foundation, being open to receive any woman who needs spiritual help no matter what area they come from.

Vision: To be a channel for the restoration of the person in the emotional and spiritual area.

Mission: Provide the person with tools to recover their value, through talks, counseling, workshops, and so they can develop their own life project.

Objectives: To contribute to the healing work of God in the person (Jer 18: 2-6), since we can not resign ourselves to a condition of defeat, oppression, domination and control over all areas of our life (John. 10:10)

Values: Respect, solidarity, commitment, tolerance, patience, responsibility, trust and honesty.

Socorriendo al Anciano Ministry


Leader: Stephanie Gord

It has as a goal to visit and assist the elderly in their needs, also working with children from the Torremolinos community, in conjunction with the "Maná Ministry" have been delivered food and toys.

The leader Stephanie Gord will be sent to have better training to serve the elderly with greater efficiency and excellence.

El Rey te mando a llamar Ministry


Leader: Yamileth Hernandez

Her ministry is to evangelize those whom the Lord puts in his way to the older adult, women and children ministering in the streets or where God leads her to minister his Word, also visits the hospitals and is a youth counselor.

She joins the team of the Intercessory Ministry Foundation "The 10 Virgins" to support the missionaries and their programs, such as offering therapeutic massages to those who can not afford this benefit.

Lluvias de gloria Ministry

soniabermudez ileanazamora-pq

Leaders: Sonia Bermudez e Iliana Zamora

The program started in the month of March, 2016.

Area of work Santa Rita (known as El Infiernillo) zone of high social risk.

Purpose to reach and rescue the children and through them reach their parents and family.

It started with a fairly important group of children (20 children). In meetings there has been a consistency of presence but the important thing is that week by week comes a significant number that persist. They are given a snack that leaders bring on their own and sometimes donations.

Shirley Bartels: Minister of Ministeries



To minister emotionally and spiritually to the leaders of the other ministries, to intercede for their ministries, to help in the possible providing the necessary and to be a bridge between their ministries.