Children Development Program


The CDP program began in June 2010 with an agreement between FHI Costa Rica and FHI Korea. The project consists of an integral sponsorship directed to 300 children and their families, located in 9 different communities. The goals have been established through FHI, 9 community leaders and more than 50 volunteers.


Developing and motivating community leaders to fully address the needs of at-risk children living in socially disadvantaged areas.


Empowering families, churches, and community leaders to advance the advancement of child development in all areas of focus: physical, social / emotional, vocational / academic, and spiritual.



1- Academic / vocational:

The good self-esteem and motivation necessary to succeed in academic studies and vocational training is cultivated in children. Tutorials, school supplies, uniforms, recreational and artistic children’s clubs are provided.

2- Social / Emotional:

Children are made to understand their purpose to grow in a healthy relationship with God, with themselves, with others and with the environment. Children’s canteens, recreational activities, Sunday school, letter and other workshops, as well as meetings with parents are used.

3- Physical:

Children are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, with a healthy diet. Sports and recreation activities are organized, and nutritional supplements are provided, and assistance is provided to children’s canteens where children in the IDP program participate.

4- Spiritual:

It is made easier for children and their families to grow in their Christian Faith and to develop a Christ-centered worldview. The Christian Faith is promoted in an experiential way. Community leaders are trained in topics such as mentoring, Bible teaching, and others. Tools and materials are provided to teach and cultivate Christian values among leaders and direct participants of the IDP.

5- Family:

It seeks to integrate the family through home visits, parent meetings, and service opportunities with the local church. The heart of child development is centralized in the family.