FHI Costa Rica developed a strategic alliance with SCORE International in 2011. The acronym of the name, SCORE, means “Sharing Christ our Redeemer”. The alliance exists to produce a significant impact on Costa Rican society that will also allow a correct global worldview for the future. Sport is the tool to be used to fulfill the goals of FHI in Costa Rican society.


The sports ministry “SCORE-FHICR” of Costa Rica exists to proclaim the love and transforming truth of Jesus Christ to each of the participants. Through the platform of sport the Kingdom of God expands.


To evangelize, to disciple, to train and to send to the future athletes, besides the people involved in the sport world, to fulfill and to experience the intentions of God.



1-     Sports Clubs

6 to 8 sports clubs are implemented in different sports, with the purpose of developing the physical abilities and sports skills of the participants to the maximum. In addition to promoting Christian values as a life experience in the participants. It will work with approximately 150 participants per week, in different local communities.

2-     Misionary Groups:

Short-term missionary groups are received from SCORE International. These groups come to collaborate with sports clubs and FHI Costa Rica community development projects.

3-    Competencies:

Sports clubs participate in local sports and recreational events.