The Organization

FHI Costa Rica is an organization that is part of Food for the Hungry International Federation

In 1971, Larry Ward founded Food for the Hungry International , inspired by the Psalm 146: 7 verse, “The Lord does justice to the oppressed, feed the hungry and set the captives at liberty. ”

The organization opened its doors in Costa Rica in 2003 and so far has a significant impact on Costa Rican society in favor of eradicating hunger and poverty. Throughout these years, projects have been implemented in favor of children, the local church, and families. Our philosophy of the foundation is the holistic transformation of the community.


The Foundation for a World without Hunger-Costa Rica; Exists to respond to the problem of hunger in Costa Rican society; Both physically and spiritually.


To train, equip, in addition to providing the necessary resources to families, leaders, and community churches, to be effective in their fight against hunger in all its forms.