Casa Belen & Bethesda Ministry


The program began in February 2010 with the participation of 3 women. Currently the project has the participation of approximately 20 women. Most of the participating women are heads of household who experience some form of poverty. With the activities to be carried out it is possible to impact a minimum of 35 families.


Develop fully families with scarce resources and form new leaders.


Leaders are empowered to reproduce and mentor to others. Training workshops and activities are planned to assist the development of people in the emotional, spiritual, and physical areas.



1- Virtuous Women:

Bible Studies to promote Christian values and as a result gives spiritual growth.
Women take “Sewing” lessons and learn to develop their skills and abilities to make clothing, handbags and tablecloths, others. This area is based on the book of Proverbs, chapter 31, verses 10 through 30.
2- Kids Club:

There are recreational and artistic workshops for the children of the women in the program. In addition to Bible teachings that foster Christian values.
3- Fitness Center:

There is a gym at an affordable cost for women to develop a healthy lifestyle through well-directed physical exercise.
4- Donations in kind:

Each month, program participants receive food donations from FHI Costa Rica. Likewise, short-term missionary groups are received to encourage fellowship and understanding with other cultures.

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