How to Participate?

There are several ways to collaborate and be part of the work that FHI Costa Rica is doing.


  • Donations in kind: Non-perishable foods, good clothes, supplies and school supplies can be delivered to our offices. These are later distributed in the communities which we work with.
  • Donations in Cash:

National Bank Accounts

200 – 02 – 095 – 003827 – 1 in Dollars
200 – 01 – 095 – 019325 – 5 in Colones


  • Volunteering: Another beautiful way to collaborate with this commendable cause is through volunteering or donating time and work. At FHI Costa Rica we have exceptional volunteers who with their work and dedication support the Foundation in different areas. You can join this group.

If you feel identified with any of these ways of collaboration, please contact us by visiting the Contact section or by the following means:

Tel. +506 2250 4716, +506 2219 6896

@ :